New WfL partner project!

Water for Life is now part of the new NSF USAID Global Research Collaborations – see

Our collaborating project is Unlocking agricultural potential in drylands: enhancing efficient utilization of soil moisture for improved smallholder farm productivity in ASALs of Kenya (Kenya – Project 2-335).  PI: Mary Baaru, Kenyatta University

Details can be found at

New WfL partner project!

7 thoughts on “New WfL partner project!

    1. Ethan Allen says:

      Hi Grace – Glad you visited the blog. Looks like you’ve not yet signed up and start posting – hope you’ll do so. Please let me know if you have questions. Best, Ethan

  1. Hi Ethan – I did some research on first flush diverters using the links you provided and some other sources. Further, earlier today Mathew and I visited the FSM Delegation Office and Gargey settlement to inspect the rainwater catchment systems at these places. We suggest installing downspout 4″ first flush diverters ( at these sites.

    While at Gargey, we talked to Alex Saulis and learned that water from the two tanks at the community house/typhoon shelter is currently being used ONLY for washing/shower. Mathew will be running tests for coliform this week to see if it is potable.

    1. Ethan Allen says:

      Hi Muru,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. Off traveling and off-line for 2+ weeks. Shall I go ahead and order some – how many? – of these particular first flush diverters? I could then send them to you if you’ll provide a snail mail address. Just let me know. Many thanks, E

      1. Hi Ethan,
        If you could order 3 units (2 for 2 water catchments at community shelter in Gargey and 1 for FSM Delegation Office in Colonia), that would be fine. Ship to PREL Office in Yap or to my box, P.O. Box 1226, Colonia, Yap, FM 96943. Thanks, Muru.

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