Unlawful dumping of solid waste

The image above shows uncontrolled and “out of control” dumping of solid waste, right by the roadside in a downtown area of one FSM island. This is unlawful for many reasons and poses great risks to the health of humans and the environment. In this blog, I just want readers to consider what happens here when water passes through this waste. Rain that falls on the waste pile percolates through it and leaches soluble chemicals from the waste and transports them to nearshore waters — either across the land surface or through soil and groundwater. Injection of such compounds into the coastal zone upsets the nutrient balance there, can cause algal blooms, and can directly kill marine life through toxic or other effects. Human beings suffer too — the pollutants make it to us either from groundwater (which we extract for our potable water supply) or through seafood caught along the shore. Micronesian islands are so far from polluting industries of other countries that we should have the best quality environment, water, and food. No one in Micronesia should tolerate this type of environmental and health threat.

Unlawful dumping of solid waste

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