Danko’s Water Dialogs

Following are a series of provocative posts from Co-PI Danko Taborosi.  We hope these will stimulate interaction and dialog among WfL participants.  Please comment freely!

WfL photo of the week 1

Welcome to the series of water-related photographs from all over the Micronesian region, which we will publish here, on the Water for Life blog, several times each month. This image is the first one and, like the upcoming images as well, comes with a question.

The image shows a mountain stream somewhere in Micronesia, and the question is: What island is this?

(Hints: We can tell from the black basalt rocks that this is a high island. From the slightly cascading water we can tell that this water is flowing over hilly or mountainous (not low and not flat) terrain. Finally, we can tell from the lush vegetation that this is a rather wet island.)


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